I wish things could slow down a little bit

I feel like tons has been going on, but I just haven't had the energy to write on my blog. I've been doing loads of writing in my journal, but I feel so exposed writing on here, that I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it. Hmmmm, where to begin.... Work is … Continue reading I wish things could slow down a little bit


how is it only Thursday?

This week seems to be dragging. I've often been left feeling as though I am stuck in an expanse of time in which I am neither here nor there, lost at sea and left battling the wars from the inside, drowning in the thoughts that cannot be verbalized. I'm starting to think that perhaps the … Continue reading how is it only Thursday?


I struggle so much to convey what it's like to be me. Words are the invisible ties that unite us to one another but when they are lost I feel disconnected. Everything feels 'too much'. Feelings aren't supposed to be so overwhelming. I didn't know you could feel like this. I certainly don't know how you … Continue reading spirals…

rocky roads

It's been quite the rocky road since T has come back. There's been a lot of adjustments and to be honest I'm not having the easiest time of it. As T pointed out many moons ago, any change for me when it comes to him is absolutely catastrophic. Where we stand now there are 5 more … Continue reading rocky roads